Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we licensing our software?

Two reasons: First, we recognize the growing requirement to have designers go to the site and stake-out systems and we do not have the ambition or resources to visit sites. Secondly, our phone rings too often with people wanting us to design their systems. Primarily we are software developers. We would rather devote our time to creating software. So why not let others use our system to provide the service?

How does the licensing work?

If you are selected to become an associate you will receive a copy of our software. The software is free. We charge a fee for each system you design with it. We control the licensing by not letting the software print a design that has not been purchased.

Who will we license?

We are looking for people who qualify under the DEP guidelines: SEO's, engineers, and those experienced in the design of septic systems. We intend to avoid geographic overlap as much as possible, so we reserve the right to select the best qualified candidate from each region. We will also refer to you anyone from your area calling us on our toll-free line.

How do you pay the licensing fees?

When you are ready to purchase designs the software connects you to PayPal, a nationally recognized secure website where you pay with a credit card. The website tells the software that you have paid and the software enables the designs you have purchased. The transaction takes only a few seconds and is secure. We do not see your credit card numbers. Only you and the credit card processing service see the financial transaction. Provisions are built into the software for you to be able to call us for a "key" to unlock a design if there is a problem connecting to the web.

How much are the licensing fees?

We have two rate schedules to choose from:

  • no annual maintenance fee + $50 per system
  • $4000 prepaid annual maintenance fee

What's in the software?

The software is a complete package for designing the most popular types of on-lot septic systems. It includes:

  • Design Wizard for creating and editing the designs
  • Plot Plan Editor
  • View/Print Utility
  • Invoice tracking system
  • Customization Tools
  • Design and customer database searching tools
  • Help system
  • Reference materials and links

What kinds of septic systems will the software design?

Currently it can design elevated sand mounds, at-grades (level and on-contour), free access sand filters, RFS-III's, and peat-based systems (EcoFlo) that discharge into an at-grade. It handles both pumped and siphon-based systems.

We are currently working to expand the capabilities to include Puraflo's (a peat-based system), drip irrigation, and small flow stream discharge systems.

What are the hardware requirements?

  • A computer running Windows 2000,XP,Vista, or 7. If your computer runs programs like Microsoft Word okay then it should run our software. Due to the data entry and CAD requirements a high resolution display is recommended (at least 600 x 800).
  • A minimum of 128Mb RAM . It will run in less, but performance will suffer when viewing and printing completed systems.
  • About 200Mb of free space on your hard drive for the databases and future storage.
  • A decent printer. We use a laser printer because it is low maintenance and fast. A good ink jet printer will also do the job.
  • An internet connection to pay for the licensing. A dialup connection is more than adequate.

How do I sign up?

  1. Register here at this website.
  2. We will contact you by phone or email to determine if you qualify.