Company Legal Policies

Privacy Policy

We collect information about you when you:

  • Register as a site user: Some of our downloads may require that you be logged in as a registered user. When you download any of these files we are notified by email.
  • License Software: When you license our software we record your license registration and payment activities. We do NOT collect or ever see your financial information such as credit card information or client information. Our software may send us a bug report via email in the event of a software error. The information in the bug report consists of limited debugging data (program call stack, processes running, hardware configuration, etc.) and possibly a screen shot of the application at the time of the error. The bug report's use is limited to information necessary for determining a cause of software error and is used solely for the purpose of improving the software.

No information about you collected at this site is shared with any third parties with the following exceptions:

  • Abuse: If you abuse our web site we will do our best to track you down and make you responsible for your actions.

Security Policy

All web-based financial transactions with BJSoftware are conducted through PayPal via secure socket layers connections (SSL) using strong encryption. BJSoftware never sees or records any of your personal financial information such as your credit card number. Only PayPal sees this information.

Licensing Policy

All BJSoftware products require a valid license to use. The sole exception to this rule is for products clearly listed as "free" on the downloads page. Downloading of software from this site does not imply an agreement from us to license the software to you.