What's New

Sewers2 is a major rewrite of the old Sewers software. A lot of the interface will look pretty much the same, but underneath it has been rebuilt to use a whole new framework for building septic systems. The new framework was necessary to accommodate the DEP's new performance-based componentized method of designing septic systems where you specify primary treatment, secondary treatment, disinfection, and discharge. For example, instead of designing an elevated sand mound, now you specify a primary treatment (the septic tank), a secondary treatment (the sand mound itself), disinfection (not needed), and a discharge method (the sand mound again).

Some other highlights:

  • Full Vista and Windows 7 compatibility
  • Moved data storage into your Documents folder
  • New database system (was Paradox, now Access)
  • Preferences now tied to personas
  • Vector-based drawings (cleaner drawings, no "jaggies")
  • More immediate feedback on the design as you progress through the design wizard
  • Direct export of design report to PDF
  • More organized structure of design report
  • More supporting calculations exposed
  • Slimmed down the file record
  • Warning when designing for someone who has an unpaid balance
  • New help system
  • Easier updating of software
  • It will be easier to add new system components as needed
  • New message system to keep Sewers users informed

Features under consideration or in-process but not yet completely in the current version of Sewerrs2:

  • Lift Stations
  • Aerobic Tanks
  • Puraflo Peat Filters
  • Micro-mounds
  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Stream Discharge Systems
  • Pressure-dosed Trenches

Sewers2 Download

Sewers2 Web-based Installer
This install program, once downloaded and run, will download and install the latest release of Sewers2 and all of its supporting files.
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